The Curriculum Development and Coordination Unit


To work with our stakeholders to continuously improve training quality through curriculum design, implementation and evaluation so as to enable the JCF to provide the level of service expected by our community.


Driving excellence in training to impact organizational renewal


The CDCU is charged with ensuring that training meets the needs of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Having developed the learning programmes, the Curriculum Development and Coordination Unit has responsibility for monitoring to ensure that training is delivered according to the Force’s Quality Assurance Guidelines for training provision. The unit also has responsibility for leading and encouraging innovation in course content, delivery methods and instructor training. The department will work with training’s

The overall aims of the Unit are to:

Enhance training decision-making and prioritization; Provide course curricula that support the learning needs of Force personnel and that are inline with the Force’s strategic direction; Provide quality assurance, directed at measuring the impact of training for individual members and the Force; Ensure that teaching staff is equipped with the requisite skills and competencies required to effectively deliver and assess training; Ensure the availability of support material in the College Library Foster partnerships with accredited adult education institutions to increase access to external training.
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Jamaica Police Academy

The Jamaica Police Academy of the J.C.F., has in recent years taken on the task of revising and upgrading its training programme. It is the vision of the Jamaica Police Academy to be as competitive internationally in the quality of Police Officers it has enlisted as any other nation.

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Caribbean Search Centre

The Caribbean Search Centre is a joint security venture between the British and Jamaican Governments. The Centre is one of two such facilities worldwide and was established at the Jamaica Police Academy at Twickenham Park St. Catherine in June 2001.

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Professional Development Unit

Course Details

Reform & Modernization Programme

AIM: This workshop aims to develop heightened sensitivity and competence among individuals responsible for training about the projected developmental path of the organization.


Critical Incident Command

The course is designed to enhance middle managers and supervisors’ abilities in command position from local and regional force/services in the effective management of incidents and events that are, or have the potential to become, Critical Incidents.


Operations Field Commanders

The Operations Field Commanders’ Course has been designed to further develop the operational leadership skills of senior supervisors and middle managers, as part of the organization’s thrust to strengthen its operational capacity.


Staff Officer Training Programme

The Staff Officer Training Programme is intended to equip middle managers and senior supervisors to provide optimal support to Commanding Officers. These persons will be highly trained specialists who exhibit competence and exude confidence in their ability to advise their Commanding Officers, identify and forecast problems, submit practicable solutions, provide guidance during implementation and assess levels of success.


Staff & Junior Command Programme

Aim This programme is designed to equip senior supervisors to manage their area of command effectively and to achieve the objectives of their forces as well as to proactively engage in a continuous process of service improvement.



Course Details

Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Designed to equip Traffic Accident Investigators with the skills and competencies to analyse and evaluate motor vehicle collision through the application of physics and mathematical formulae and to provide expert findings in cases especially where there are no witnesses to an accident or where collision traffic are disputed.


Road Policing

The aim of this course is to equip patrol officers with specialized training and competencies to reduce road deaths and other causualties and proactively enforce the Road Traffic Act.


Reorientation & Development

AIM: The course aims to facilitate the smooth re-integration of personnel into frontline duty.


Aids & HIV Awareness

AIM: To equip DTSOs and Trainers with the knowledge and skill necessary to assist in the development of resources within the JCF on HIV and Aids and to promote awareness about treatment and preventatives options.


Lesson Planning

AIM: The course aims to enhance the capability of DTSOs and Trainers to plan and deliver effective instructional material to pupils.



Reorientation & Development


The course aims to facilitate the smooth re-integration of personnel into frontline duty.



Upon completion participants should be able to:

  • Apply Psychological theories to give an explanation of self and others.
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the JCF Reform and Modernization Programme.
  • Critically assess the importance of Briefing, Debriefing and Risk Assessment.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for Human Rights.
  • Distinguish between HIV and Aids.
  • Apply the Grievance Procedure to a hypothetical case.
  • Apply specific search techniques
  • Provide a synthesis of the Use of Force Policy to a practical scenario.
  • Exhibit appropriate Customer Service behaviour.


Personnel from the rank of Constable to Sergeant who have been out of active or main stream policing for a protracted period of time


Four Weeks

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