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Course Details


Course Details


Reorientation & Development


The course aims to facilitate the smooth re-integration of personnel into frontline duty.



Upon completion participants should be able to:

  • Apply Psychological theories to give an explanation of self and others.
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the JCF Reform and Modernization Programme.
  • Critically assess the importance of Briefing, Debriefing and Risk Assessment.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for Human Rights.
  • Distinguish between HIV and Aids.
  • Apply the Grievance Procedure to a hypothetical case.
  • Apply specific search techniques
  • Provide a synthesis of the Use of Force Policy to a practical scenario.
  • Exhibit appropriate Customer Service behaviour.


Personnel from the rank of Constable to Sergeant who have been out of active or main stream policing for a protracted period of time


Four Weeks

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